Threads - Prewound Bobbins

These prewound bobbins are part of our own brand of embroidery threads. We believe that high quality threads mean you get a better embroidery finish because of less thread tension issues, and less stopping to deal with broken threads. Our prewound bobbins are made up of polyester filament in 60 weight (75D/2).

Our bobbins all come with plastic sides. Although not usually recyclable, we choose to use plastic over paper, card or sideless bobbins because it provides greater protection from damage by humidity and oils. Plastic sides also provide the greatest amount of thread stability in the embroidery machine, especially as the thread is running low. This means that it is easier to your machine to control thread movement and tension.

All of our prewound bobbins are compatible with embroidery machine bobbin sensors. Prewound bobbins can hold significantly more bobbin thread than a home wound bobbin. This means less time lost in changing threads, but also it makes it easier to ensure that intricate areas are embroidered without interruption.

Size A Bobbins are 11mm in height. Size L Bobbins are 9mm in height. Please see bobbin listing for further help on embroidery machine compatibility.

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