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    For everything from sticky stuff to stiffening stuff, our range of fabric glues and treatments should have something to make your fabric behave
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    KAM snaps are plastic fastenings which are applied with pliers or an industrial press. To make a snap fastening, 4 components are required - 2 backing pieces which have plastic spikes, a female socket and a male socket. To apply the KAM snap, a small hole is first made in the fabric- usually with an awl. A backing KAM piece is placed with the plastic spike through the hole, then a male or female socket needs to be centred over the spike. The press or pliers are used to crush the plastic spike forming a bond between the 2 pieces around the fabric. Please note that stretch fabrics will stretch around the hole, meaning the KAM snap will loosen. Woven fabrics or interfacing will need to be used to reinforce knits where snaps will be used. To find out more, please visit our KAM snaps guide. KAM snaps guide Packs are sold as 20 complete fastening snaps. This means there will be 40 backings, 20 male sockets and 20 female sockets within the pack.
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    Sewing machine accessories can make the difference between amateur and professional sewing. These sewing machine parts are quickly interchangeable and open up possibilities for lots of extra functions to even the most basic of sewing machines. Our sewing machine feet are available to purchase as snap on, low shank and high shank. Low shank sewing machine presser feet are universal fit for most domestic sewing machines - Low shank, snap on domestic machines include Brother, Singer (some older singer models are slant shank and not compatible), Toyota, Janome and many more. High shank machines are usually industrial machines. Adapters are available to buy to enable these to also take universal snap on presser feet. Our tutorial - Sewing Machine Feet Guide - explains how to check your sewing machine to determine whether it is able to take low or high shank feet, as well as how to the attach presser feet. It also explains how to identify each of the presser feet below, and details what sewing techniques they are used for. Don't forget to check out our haberdashery and fabric online store areas for more sewing supplies.