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How to sew with thick fabric by Linda at Sewing Bee Fabrics
Thick fabrics are not easy to sew when you don’t know what to do, especially when you get to bulky seams that can’t be climbed, or downward slopes that tip your presser foot into a bad position Most of us have been there and have had the thread nest messes […]

How To Sew Chunky Seams With Ease

Free sewing tutorial for a christmas fox applique with free sewing pattern
Foxes have a special place in my heart as we often get them visiting our home, so what better way to send some festive fun than by stitching up a foxy Christmas card! I’ve made you a free applique pattern that you can download and use to sew along and […]

Festive Fox Applique – Free Christmas Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

How to avoid bad quality cottons when shopping online step by step tutorial and video 2
Your Ultimate Guide For Buying Good Quality Cotton When Fabric Shopping Online We’ve all been there. You see a pretty-looking cotton print online and know it would be just PERFECT for your next sewing project. It’s even on sale. How could you not get it?! You spend a couple of […]

How To Avoid Buying Bad Quality Cotton

How to pick the best fabric colours for your perfect dress 2
Picking the perfect fabric for your dream dress is crucial for a flattering fit. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Understanding your body shape, skin tone, and sewing level can help guide your decision. From bold prints to classic solids, read on for tips to help you choose the perfect fabric for your next dressmaking project.

Finding Your Fabulous: How to Choose the Perfect Fabric for ...

Buy Sewing machine feet and sewing gifts 62
Discover the world of sewing machine feet and take your sewing to the next level. From walking feet to rolled hem feet, we'll show you the basics and benefits of each. Learn how to choose the right foot for your project and sew with confidence. Our comprehensive tutorial will help you explore the full range of sewing machine feet and unleash your sewing potential! Start learning now.

Sewing Machine Feet Guide