How To Make Your Own Cloth Buttons

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Make Your Own Fabric Buttons

Making your own cloth buttons not only adds a really unique touch to your garments or sewing projects, but it is also a fantastic way of using up small fabric scraps. Find out how to make your own fabric covered buttons with our video tutorial or if you prefer your tutorials written down, then just scroll passed for step by step instructions and photos.

To make your own cloth covered buttons, you will need self cover buttons and a button tool to be able to permanently fix the parts together and secure the fabric. With your button tool you should have a guide that tells you how much fabric is required for each button size. The size written on each circle here is the size of the finished button. Trace out the size for the button you are making, then position on of your buttons in the centre to draw around. This will allow you to fussy cut your design more easily as you will be able to see exactly what parts of your fabric will be visible when the button is finished.

How to make your own cloth buttons with a button tool

Cut out your fabric scraps to size. Cotton works best but other fabrics can be used. Just keep in mind that thicker fabrics such as denim will not allow the button to lock together fully, and thinner fabrics such as light polycottons may mean the silver of the button shines through.

Cloth covered buttons how to make your own fabric buttons

Put the fabric face down centrally over the hole for the button.

how to make your own fabric buttons video tutorial

Sink the top half of the bottom into the hole with the fabric then push the fabric ends down.

how to use a button tool to make fabric buttons sewing blog

Double check that your fabric pattern is central in tool by flipping it over to see.

Make your own fabric buttons DIY how to guide tutorial for cloth buttons

Place the button back over the top with the deep groove facing upwards, and the loop from the front part of the button fitting through the central gap.

button tool tutorial and tips sewing blog make your own buttons

Place the other half of the tool back over. Make sure it is lined up directly on top as an uneven pressure can result in the button parts bending rather than locking. Squeeze it together until you hear or feel a click. I find that this can be a little hard going on the hands so prefer to put it on the floor and step on it.

how to make your own fabric buttons with a button tool sewing blogger tutorial

Then your button is ready to sew on.

How to make your own cloth buttons with a fabric button tool video tutoral sewing blog

What are your favourite buttons to use? Have you tried making your own?

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