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How To Make Your Own Baby Wrap


No sew simple baby wrap tutorial


When I was pregnant for the second time with only a 20 month age gap, I knew I would need a plan! Toddlers have a knack of suddenly deciding to practice the forward roll they learnt on the stairs, or wanting to see what happens when you hit glass really hard! So snuggling a newborn on the sofa was not going to be an option this time and my sanity wasn't going to cope with trying to get a sleeping baby settled in a basket with a shrieking toddler near by. So my pregnancy reading came up with the same suggestion time and time again - use a sling! Wrap the baby to you and you can still run after your toddler. Genius! It also left my hands free to make food - essential with a hungry toddler around. The other bonus - once you get the hang of it - easy, discrete breastfeeding on the move.


Now my little girl is 4 1/2 months old, I can honestly say it made my life so easy. It's so popular in fact that my baby actually gets excited when she see's me putting it on. So did I buy one? No. They were either horrendously boring looking or came with an exciting price tag to match the pattern! I love that I made my own. Wherever I go I get people asking where I got it or telling me that they love it.


What You Will Need:

I liked the idea of a baby carrier with a bit of stretch to it. It doesn't offer as much support for heavier, older babies / toddlers, as a non-stretchy wrap, but jersey fabric made from 95% cotton with 5% spandex gives enough support to be very safe while allowing enough give in the material to position a newborn to easily breastfeed comfortably. The spandex also means the cotton returns to it's normal shape easier whereas 100% cotton jersey can be more prone to distorting when over stretched. This is exactly the same composition as the popular Boba wraps, which say they are suitable up to 35lbs / approx. 18 months, so you can see that it is something you can use for a long time if you wanted.

You will need 5 metres of 95% cotton 5% spandex jersey (available HERE)


How To Make It:

You want to cut your wrap material about 20-25 inches wide (the average jersey is about 56 inches wide so you'll easily get 2 slings out of your material (or 1 sling, matching cot sheets, matching onsies, flannels and then some left over!)

Cutting Jersey to 20 inch width

Then cut off the selvage (the rough bit on the jersey fabric edge)

simple baby sling sewing bee fabrics carrier tutorial remove selvage from jersey

And it's as simple as that!!!! Jersey doesn't fray so you don't even need to do anything to the edges.

I could quickly try to tell you how to wrap the baby, but there are already such fantastic resources out there showing you how to do it. For example, on the Boba wrap or Moby wrap websites or lots of youtube videos, which will explain it much better than me. If you are still unsure, then do get in touch with a local sling library to make sure you are wrapping your baby safely.

baby sling wrap carrier tutorial sewing bee fabrics 4 months
baby sling wrap carrier tutorial sewing bee fabrics example

You can even use it for a project that does need sewing!

baby sling wrap carrier tutorial sewing bee fabrics newborn

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Happy Sewing!

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