Easy Cushion Cover Tutorial

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How To Make An Easy Cushion Cover

How to make an easy cushion cover

Having been asked to make an unusual cushion cover for a birthday present, this was the really easy-to-make cover I came up with. This project is perfect for beginners and experienced levels alike.

What you will need:

Half a meter of cotton for the outer pattern
2 squares of 27cm x 27cm of the centre pattern in cotton

How to make it:

A cushion is typically about 45cm x 45cm, so allowing for 1/2 inch seams I cut 5 pieces 27cm width x 22cm height and 2 pieces 47cm height x 42cm width from my half meter piece.

I joined both the 27cm x 27cm squares with a smaller rectangle piece placed above and below, by placing them right side together and sewing 1/2 inch from the edge. I pressed seams open as I went to give a neater finish.

On one side you will need to make an opening to get a cushion in, so pick a back and a front. On the top sewn rectangle on the back, I folded the top edge, then folded again so the raw edge was underneath itself and sewed the hem so that all raw edges were completely enclosed. I did a matching hem on the bottom of the 5th smaller piece (the last small rectangle piece that isn't attached to anything yet).

Patchwork cushion pieces tutorial guide

Next I faced the 2 main sections right side together and pinned the long vertical sections to each side. This is easier to do by folding the main panels in half so the new pieces are central. Lay the 5th spare piece over the top of the other hemmed rectangle and pin down the edges with the rest of the seam.

How to sew seams on a panel cushion

This should create a letterbox effect with the 2 hemmed edges. This will be where you poke your cushion through.

no zip cushion sewing guide

Sew the vertical seams then fold the vertical panels in half so the smaller cotton pattern sits centrally. Press in place.

Pin and sew the top and bottom then turn right side out through the letterbox opening.

how to piece together an envelope cushion

Now all you have to do now is stuff a cushion in!

Finished simple cushion cover sewing tutorial

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Happy Sewing!

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