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Sewing Bee Fabrics Tutorial

How To Make A Lunch Bag That Folds Flat

How to make a fold out pouch for lunch or snacks - free sewing tutorial

When my little boy started preschool, I thought it would be nice for him to have his snacks over something clean, so made him a couple of these fold flat snack pouches... only they came out so well, I made a few more for me to take to work! Here's how I made them:

What you will need:

cotton fabric

PUL fabric

My 2 fabrics were 33cm x 20cm. This was perfect for snacks, but if you want to fit a big lunch in then you'll probably want to make it a bit bigger. You basically want the fabric to be your desired internal width + space for Velcro either side + 2 seam allowances. Then the length needs to be twice the desired height + about 4cm extra as a flap over + 2 seam allowances

Hook and loop closure. If your making the same size as me, I used 2cm width:

2 x 12cm hook. I sewed on 2 x 12cm loop, but cut an extra 2 to stick over the hook pieces every time I throw it in the washing machine - smart thinking eh?!! That way, if you throw it in completely undone but with the hook sides covered there's no chance of crumbs getting stuck in corners in the wash and it wont try to cling to everything else and ruin your tights.

1 x 16.5cm hook and the same with the loop - 1 to sew on and 1 for wash time.


How To Make It:

Pop your 2 fabrics patterned sides facing each other (right sides together). You may want to pin or clip them together. If you do pin, try to keep your pins within the seam allowance or it will leave little holes in your nice waterproof, spill proof fabric. If you do accidentally put some outside of the seam allowance, you can always pop it in the tumble drier for a bit after to help it close over the holes.

Cut PUL and cotton for your fold flat lunch pouch

Sew approx. a quarter inch seam all around the outside leaving a small gap big enough for turning the fabric through. It's much easier to sew with the PUL at the bottom and the cotton at the top. This is because standard presser feet tend to drag on fabrics with stretch to them, which will make it harder to keep it lined up with the edges of your non-stretch cotton. If the feed dogs are guiding it through, it should move through evenly with no problems. I use a quarter inch quilting foot to help me keep my seam allowance the same size when I'm sewing quickly as it takes a lot less effort to keep the fabric lined up.

Sewing PUL and cotton fabrics together for the fold flat lunch bag
With the PUL and cotton fabrics right side together stitch all the way around leaving a space for turning.

Clipping the corners makes the corners look sharper and crisper when you turn them. Be careful to snip near your stitches but not through them.

Trim the corners before turning for sharper corners to the lunch bag
Trim the corners before turning for a smoother finish

Turn the fabric through the hole. Tuck the raw edges back under so they are hidden inside then top stitch all the way around the outside. This stitching will help it keep it's shape against all the pulling around with the Velcro as well as making the seams more durable. I tend to keep the same sewing machine foot attached but use the outer edge of the foot as my guide instead of the guide bar when top stitching.

Top stitch the outer edges of the lunch bag rectangle of fabrics
Turn the lunch bag right side out and top stitch all the way around the outside

Now to attach your hook and loop closure. Add 1 of each short piece on each side of the bottom half. E.g. I added both hook pieces at the bottom first then both loop pieces above those on each side. Next add 1 of the long Velcro pieces. I prefer to have hook on the inside but it really doesn't matter that much. The top bit will be the bit that folds over the front to make like an envelope.

How to make a fold flat lunch bag - Free Sewing Tutorial by Sewing Bee Fabrics
Attach your Velcro to the inside of the lunch bag

I then attached my loop piece on the outside of the bottom edge with about 2cm gap. This bit will be folded upwards to be the front underneath that top envelope flap you made.

Attach Velcro to the outer cotton side of the fold out lunch bag
Attach Velcro to the outer cotton side of the fold out lunch bag

Then they are already finished! Simply fold up the bottom half and fill with food.

How to make a fold flat lunch bag - Free Sewing Tutorial by Sewing Bee Fabrics

Then as soon as you want it, simply undo the Velcro so your snack bag has now become your lovely clean placemat regardless of where you are you are eating.

How to make a fold flat lunch bag - Free Sewing Tutorial by Sewing Bee Fabrics

Have you had a go making a lunch or snack bag? How do you show off your sewing at lunch time!?

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