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How To Make Felt Baubles

Everybody knows how to make a flat felt bauble and cover it with sequins and ricrac, but how do you make a felt bauble that is plump round and 3d? It's far easier and quicker than you would think! Plus I think the results look really rather pretty! If you fancy making new tree decorations with felt too, then here's my step by step tutorial.

What You Will Need:

Fabric Glue (Or a hot glue gun would also work)

Felt sheets

Enough ribbon to hang it up by from the centre of the bauble upwards. I used 20cm/8 inches of ribbon.

How To Make Them:

You will need to cut your felt out to make 9 circles. Mine were approximately 5cm/2 inches in diameter.


how to make no sew round felt baubles for the christmas tree or wedding decor

Add a dab of glue in the centre of each circle, folding it in half then gluing again in the centre of the half circle near the fold, then folding in half again.

make your own round felt baubles DIY craft tutorial
easy diy felt bauble christmas ornament tree tutorial

Take 5 of your circles, and gluing them just at the side of the pointed corner, stack them on top of each other alternating the direction of the folds as you go.

How to make a felt bauble craft tutorials to make with kids

While the centre of the bauble is setting, make the top and bottom. For the bottom, simply stick 2 of the folded circles on top of each other as you did for the stack - with a dab of glue near the corner and the folds facing in opposite directions.

For the top, you need to add a ribbon to hang it by, so first glue your ribbon together at the ends, then glue it to one of the folded circle pieces before you glue the other side of the ribbon and surrounding felt and stick the final felt piece on top (with the circle fold facing the opposite way).

how to make a felt bauble from felt sheets free no sew tutorial

Take your 5 circle piece stack. Glue one of the outer corners then twist the ends of the stack around to make a full circle.

How to make felt baubles for christmas tree ornaments or wedding decorations

Take your bottom 2 folded circle pieces and glue on all sides around the corner base then push it firmly into the centre of the ring of circle felt pieces.

no sew christmas project felt bauble tutorial

Repeat again with the other side with the ribbon. Give it all a wiggle in place to fluff it out before the glue fully sets.

make your own christmas tree decorations DIY felt bauble tutorial

Then it's ready to go on the Christmas tree!

How to make christmas decorations - no sew DIY felt baubles tutorial

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