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Sewing Bee Fabrics Tutorial
How To Make Your Own Noisy Baby Book


How to sew a noisy baby book - free tutorial by sewing bee fabrics


I love baby books that crinkle and make noise as you move the pages, and so have both my babies. So I decided to sew some nice colourful ones myself from my favourite fabric scraps. Here's how I made it. 


What You Will Need:

To make 12 pages -

12 fabric scraps 18 x 18cm - I used cotton

3 x wadding 18 x  35cm

A bit of ribbon or trim if you want to be able to attach it to a pram loop

About 1 metre of florist's plastic wrap - yes they will give you a funny look when you ask for the wrap and none of the flowers. Cut it in to 6 x 18cm x 35cm


How To Make It:

First, cut all your pieces to size and decide on your page order

baby book sewing bee fabrics tutorial cotton pages

Place 2 pieces right sides together and sew a quarter inch seam between them down 1 side. The page pieces line up as page 1 and 12 (front and back cover), 2 and 11, 3 and 10, 4 and 9, 5 and 8, and 6 and 7.

baby book sewing bee fabrics tutorial  sew pages

You will make 3pieces each from 4 pages that will be sewn together down the centre at the end, so to make the first set of pages, take 2 of your double page pieces and place them right sides together. Place a layer of florist wrap, then wadding then more florist wrap on the back of one piece and pin or even better, clip firmly together with plenty of pins or clips.

baby book sewing bee fabrics tutorial  layer materials

Now comes the tricky bit of sewing them all together. You could do the easy option and just stuff the wrap and wadding in after, but I didn't want to risk it bunching up inside.


A walking foot helps all the layers to move through more easily as you sew. I also found having the plastic layer on the bottom helps it to pull through more easily. It is also important to choose a long stitch length as a short stitch length creates too many perforations which means your plastic layer is more likely to tear as you turn your baby book right side out. Sew the 2 long sides and 1 short side.

baby book sewing bee fabrics tutorial  3 sides sewn

Clip the corners. This takes out the excess bulk after turning and helps it to lay flatter with pointier corners.

baby book sewing bee fabrics tutorial  trim corners

Turn your baby book page right side out through the open end.

baby book sewing bee fabrics tutorial  turn right side out

Tuck under your open end and pin in place as you top stitch all the way around the outside.

baby book sewing bee fabrics tutorial  top stitch

If you want to add a loop to be able to attach a ring to the book so it can easily be clipped to a pram, then now is a good time. Simply add a loop of ribbon or trim to the centre of any page except the outside cover or the centre page.

I used a little fray check to stop the ends fraying. Once the pages are sewn together, it will be pretty much hidden.

baby book sewing bee fabrics tutorial add ribbon

Finally, stack your pages on top of each other and following the line where you first joined the pages in pairs down the middle, sew all the layers together. This was too much for fitting under my sewing machine, so it's likely you'll have to do it by hand too

Then just find an excited baby to pass it to!

baby book how to sew a noisy book free tutorial sewing bee fabrics

We hope you enjoy our tutorials and love hearing what you think so please leave us a comment or send me an email to

Happy Sewing!

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