How To Use Iron On Patches 2

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How To Use Iron On Patches

How to use iron on patches

I 'ummed and arrred' about whether to do a tutorial on this because it's just so simple to do, but then if you see how short it is, then you guys can see just how quick and simple it is to do!

Applique embroidered patched

Step 1 - Turn iron on and lay out clean top

Step 2 - Iron the top

Iron on patch tutorial preperation

Step 3 - Place the iron on applique patch anywhere you want and iron straight over it. Keep the iron moving over the area until it's stuck using the appropriate heat setting for your garment. I used my iron set to half way on it's heat dial and it was done in about 30 seconds.

Fixing on iron on patch

finished iron on applique embroidered patch

Step 4 - Look cute!

Cute applique teddy top tutorial

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