Make A Cute Lined Purse

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Sewing Bee Fabrics Tutorial
Make A Cute Little Lined Purse

How to sew a framed purse

This gorgeous little purse was made as a present, but after seeing how cute it turned out, I may need to make myself one too!

What you'll need:

2 patterns of cotton that compliment each other. I found a patchwork piece was the perfect size (20x25cm). I matched the checked print with an off cut off cute bird fabric.

20x25cm piece of interfacing (not essential but I wanted my purse to feel a little bit stiffer in the hope that it would withstand a battering in a handbag for longer).

A purse frame

How to make it:

First you need to decide what shape you want your pattern to be and draw it! Those that know me will know that I like using wrapping paper to make my patterns on as it's cheap and pins well to fabric but an old envelope will work just fine. Draw around your purse frame and add about a centimetre around the top as a seam allowance. I curved this out to a couple of centimetres at the sides but this was only just big enough so if I remake this, I'd probably add an extra centimetre to each side at the bottom of the frame (i.e.. 3cm). From there, draw whatever shape purse you'd like. Just remember to add a bit extra to the edges for seam allowances. Also keep in mind whether you want it big enough to fit a credit card or emergency mascara.

Make your own purse pattern

I folded my pattern in half to cut it out from the paper so I was sure it was symmetrical, then cut 2 in each fabric type.

Purse tutorial pattern pieces

Next you want to make 2 separate pouches. One with the lining and the other with the outer cotton combined with the interfacing. Mine was a sew-in interfacing so I just treated it as an extra layer but if yours is iron on, I would do this prior to any sewing.

Turn the fabric right-side together (patterns on the inside) and sew a basic running stitch down the sides and the bottom. Be careful not to stitch too high as the frame curves down and if you sew too high it will make opening it difficult. You need to make both pouches identical, so you may want to put a chalk mark to remind yourself where to stop.

Purse tutorial sewing the sides

Sew the 2 pouches together next. This is the part I had to think through... You need right-sides together so put your outside pattern the correct way around and the lining inside out. Put the outer pattern piece inside the lining and line the top up.

Purse tutorial sewing the lining to the outer cotton

Sew a running stitch between the one piece of lining, interfacing and outer layer. Leave the bottom that has already been sewn free, and sew up from the end of your previous stitching towards the centre, leaving an inch at the top to turn it through. Repeat on the other side.

Purse Tutorial - Attaching lining to outer

Turn the purse inside out.

Purse Tutorial turning inside out 1

Poke the lining inside. Hand sew the top closed. It doesn't matter if it's not too neat here as it will be hidden by the frame.

Purse tutorial closing over the top

Open the clasp on the frame and push the fabric flush to it, then use the holes in the frame to sew it to your purse. I find I get the best fit if I start my sewing in the centre, go back and forth to sew about 4 stitches per hole and finish off at an outer edge. I try to use the needle to lift the fabric so it sits tightly inside the frame and gives the purse a smoother appearance. Repeat on the other side.

Purse tutorial fixing in the frame

Purse tutorial lining

I then made the cute little bow by cutting a piece double the width of the frame at its lowest point, and twice the height I wanted the bow to be. I sewed it inside out along the length to make a tube. I turned it the right way around and joined the two ends. I then positioned the ends centrally at the back, and pinched the front together. I stitched this in place by hand.

purse tutorial sewing tube for bow

2014-04-03 20.41.58

Next I repeated the tube with a piece long enough to sit around the bow and twice the width. Stitch the ends to the back of your bow.

Purse tutorial finishing the back of the bow

All that's left now is to look smug as you made an awesome new accessory!

Framed bird purse tutorial with bow

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