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How To Sew Your Own Toy Potty


How to sew a toy potty for potty training toddlers


Potty training in our house is hit and miss at the moment, and trying to convince my little one to sit on the potty when there are more exciting things to do can be hard work. However, when I mentioned maybe his toy needed to pee too, he was all too keen to help it,  so I decided to sew this quick toy potty. Here is how I made it:

What You Will Need:

Cotton - approx. 65cm x 35cm



How To Make It:

You need to make 2 ovals approx
23cm x 17cm & 19cm x 13cm


then 2 long strips approx. 65cm Long (measure around the outside of your largest oval - this is easiest done with a bit of thread then measure that - then add 2cm)

For the width - start at 15cm at the end for about 8cm, dipping down to 9cm then a 10cm long hump in the middle up to 12cm width then back to 9cm before sloping back up to 15 for the last 8cm. I cut them on the fold to make it quicker and easier.

Then on one of the strips, cut off the bottom 3-4cm.

I also saved fabric by cutting my smaller oval in the centre of these 2 strips where it dips down..

potty training toy free tutorial sewing bee fabrics pattern pieces

First, start off putting your 2 long strips right side together and sew along the curved top edge leaving the last 1/4 inch open at each end.

potty training toy free tutorial sewing bee fabrics sew long strips

Next, find the centre of the wider strip. Line it up with the centre of the narrow side of the larger oval. Place them right side together with the flat edge against the oval. Sew together leaving your 1/4 inch seam allowance overhanging at each end. I prefer to start in the middle, so it's easy to see if you've miscalculated and need to add an emergency piece of fabric or trim a bit off the back of the oval, so it wont be obvious. Otherwise you end up with a lopsided one where you had to trim a diagonal bit off of one side of the oval, or have an out of space extra strip of fabric on the side.

potty training toy free tutorial sewing bee fabrics join large oval

Next, put the ends of your strips right side together. Sew up the start and end of the strips so there is a gap somewhere in the middle big enough to turn it all through. You should now have a bowl shape.

potty training toy free tutorial sewing bee fabrics leave opening for turning

Hand sew a very long stitch length around the straight edge of the narrower strip then gather it by gently pulling the ends. This makes it easy to pull it out and tidy up once you have machine sewn it in place.

potty training toy free tutorial sewing bee fabrics gathering stitch

You may want to sew the gathered fabric down before joining it if your not feeling confident you can stop it moving. If that's the case, measure your small oval's circumference and gather your fabric to that measurement. However, I just placed it right sides facing against the smaller oval. Pinned in place, gathering it gently to size then sewed it on all the way around.

potty training toy free tutorial sewing bee fabrics pin inner oval

Turn the cotton back right side out through the hole you left in the side.

potty training toy free tutorial sewing bee fabrics turn right side out

Fill the toy potty with stuffing (I used cotton offcuts that would have otherwise been thrown away to give it a bit more weight). I pushed the stuffing around so it was up the sides but flatter in the middle. Then hand sew the hole closed.

potty training toy free tutorial sewing bee fabrics hand sew opening

Now all you need to do is find a toy to accompany your toddler for potty time. I have found it has really helped to have a toy who needs to pee urgently and needs toddler help to do it, especially when my toddler is reluctant to leave play time. I've since also made a pair of pants for his toy too. I'll share how to do that in another tutorial. One thing though... I wouldn't recommend going in after stegosaurus... He seems to have a lot of flatulence!!! 

potty training toy free tutorial sewing bee fabrics finished potty

We hope you enjoy our free sewing tutorials and love hearing what you think so please leave us a comment or send me an email to linda@sewingbeefabrics.co.uk

Happy Sewing!

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