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Sewing Bee Fabrics Tutorial
Make Your Own Reusable, Washable Kitchen Towel

How To sew your own easy kitchen cloth Wipes free sewing tutorial

With a new baby on the way I decided that the chances are we will be having lots more spills and messes to clean up, so it was time to upgrade my kitchen roll to a much cheaper, prettier and eco friendly option - washable, reusable and gorgeous 'unpaper' kitchen towel!

The main difference I think with kitchen towel compared to other washable wipes is that they are bigger, kitchen space is often at a premium, and they need to be on hand quickly to clear up spillages. This is why the button hole and hook system is perfect! Quick and easy to use, no extra cupboard space needed, and easily accessible.

What you will need:

Fabric scraps! If you want to make cleaning up more fun, then the prettier the better! I like to use cotton for one side and cut up a towel for the other. That way, all the raw edges are sealed in making them more durable. I also like having one smooth side and one fluffy side, then you can just flip sides to suit your job. e.g. towel side to clean up spilt liquid, or cotton side to brush up crumbs!

My kitchen towels were approx. 20x25cm to cut out but you can make yours bigger or smaller as you prefer. Just remember to add yourself a seam allowance all the way around, so finished, mine are 18cm x 23cm. Keep in mind though that the bigger you go, the more likely the cotton will gape away from the towelling on use, so you'd need to sew across the fabric if it was much bigger.

How to make it:

Cut out plenty of each - nobody can get far with only 1 kitchen towel!

Fabric to sew your own kitchen wipes

Simply pin one cotton with one towelling right sides together

How To join fabric to sew unpaper towels

Sew along 3 edges leaving one short side open. I find that using a roller foot on my sewing machine and having the towelling underneath while sewing makes it much easier to keep my fabric lined up as the towel is stretched less. A walking foot would work equally well

Sew seams to make your own kitchen cloth wipes

Clip the corners then turn your kitchen towel right side out.

Clip corners sewing cloth wipes free tutorial
Make your own cloth kitchen wipes inside out

Tuck the open edge underneath itself and pin into place.

Top stitch all the way around all the edges. I tend to move closer to the edge on the open side just so that the fabric is held closer together which gives a feel more like the other edges.

Eco friendly kitchen wipes sewing tutorial turning fabric
How To top stitch Reusable kitchen towels

Put a button hole near the top to hang it from. I made mine on the widest setting for my buttonhole sewing machine foot.

Sew buttonhole to hang on a hook for kitchen cloth wipes

Repeat! I figured about 10-12 should give me a couple of fresh wipes each day without ever running low. It will depend on your cleaning preferences and your washing frequency as to how many you'll need!

Eco friendly fabric scrap stash Sewing project reusable kitchen wipes free tutorial

Then find an over cupboard hook or as my friend suggested today, a banana stand, and hang them up ready to use.

Kitchen towel roll wipe reusable washable eco unpaper tutorial sewing bee fabrics  hanging

We hope you enjoy our tutorials and love hearing what you think so please leave us a comment.

Happy Sewing!


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