How To Make A Large Fabric Flower

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DIY Fabric Wall Flower

Sewing Tutorial By Sewing Bee Fabrics

DIY fabric wall flower tutorial - Free sewing pattern, video and tutorial for a fabric wall flower

Find out how I made my fabric wall flower either by watching the video or scrolling down to see the step by step instructions.

You will need:

Cotton - 7x 12 inch (30cm) diameter circles for the petals and 2 x 5 inch (12.5cm)diameter circles for the centre.


Hot Glue Gun (or other glue suitable for bonding cardboard to fabric)

Cardboard - 7 inch (17.5cm) diameter circle

Ribbon - Approx. 6 inches (15cm)

Light wadding 2oz - Approx. 4 1/2 inch (11/.25cm) circle

How To Make The Petals:

Hand sew a running stitch around the outside of each of your 12 inch circles, pulling the thread tight to gather you fabric tightly as you go. Knot it at the end to keep the fabric tightly gathered.

How to sew fabric petals from circles

Repeat for all 7 petals.

How to make a large fabric flower - making 7 petals from circle shapes

To Make The Centre:

Place your 2 x 5 inch circles patterned sides together and sew around the outside leaving an inch unstitched.

How to sew the centre of the fabric flower with a quarter inch seam

Clip around the edges then turn the fabric right way out.

Turn your circle for the centre of the fabric flower more easily by clipping the edges

Stuff your wadding inside then flatten it out.

Stuff the centre of your large fabric flower with wadding

Tuck the raw edges inside then top stitch around the edge of the centre circle.

Top stitch the circle for the centre of the large fabric flower to help it sit flatter

Stitch each petal around the back of the circle being careful not to let your stitching go through to the front.

How to make your own large fabric flower - hand sew the petals onto the centre

If you want to be able to hang your flower, fold your ribbon over then sew the looped ribbon down centrally over one of the flower petals.

How to hang up a large fabric wall flower by attaching a ribbon

Add hot glue to the cardboard circle then press it down firmly over the back. Alternately if you prefer a washable flower you can instead make a second middle like the flower front and stitch this to the back. The cardboard will make it lie flatter and give it more structure.

Make your large fabric wall flower sit flat against the wall with a cardboard backing

And it's that easy! All finished! What's your favourite kind of flower to make?

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