Wholesale Polyurethane Laminate & Custom Prints

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Wholesale PUL Fabric

We are able to offer wholesale prices on Polyurethane Laminate fabric for orders over 20 metres per pattern.

Depending on the quantity you wish to order and the pattern that you require, wholesale orders requiring fabric amounts which we do not have on-site are usually fulfilled within 3 – 12 weeks. Usually, this will arrive as one continuous length but on occasion may have to be split. All fabric will be quality checked for any signs of damage during transit but if you have any concerns about your fabric on arrival, please let us know.

We require a 50% deposit on your order, and once the fabric arrives with us, the further 50% will need to be paid prior delivery to your destination.


Custom Printed PUL Fabric

We are able to offer custom prints on bulk orders over 33 metres. For orders over this quantity, you may choose whether you wish the design to remain exclusive to your use. Should you want a custom print under this amount, we would still have to print a minimum of 33 metres. Depending on the pattern you require, we may be able to split the printing with you and stock the remainder of the custom print in our shop, with your name credited as the designer. However, this would be completely at our discretion as we will only stock fabrics we feel would fit with our current range and have good potential to sell.

Images for custom prints must be in pdf format with a repeatable design. We find that a 20cm pattern repeat is usually a good starting point. If you need help with this we may be able to provide assistance for an additional fee. Colours printed are not always true to computer screen colours. If you have access to a laser printer, we recommend printing your design on this, as we have found this is often a closer match to the colours printed on fabrics.

You will need to pay a 50% deposit and send your file to us on ordering. All custom prints will have a sample print. A photograph of this will be emailed to you for approval prior to printing the desired length. It is your responsibility to be sure you are happy with the colours and print quality in the picture of the fabric sample as this will be the same as the completed fabric. You have up to 72 hours to decide if you wish to go ahead with printing. If you decline or we do not hear from you in this time, we will refund your 50% minus a £10 admin fee. Should you wish for us to try a sample of one alternate design, you need to send this to us within the 72 hours.

If you tell us to go ahead with printing, the deposit will no longer be refundable. We will contact you as soon as your polyurethane laminate fabric has arrived with us. You will need to pay the remaining 50% prior to us delivering the fabric to you. If you do not pay or do not return our contact within 2 weeks, we will be forced to recover our costs by retailing your fabric in our shop.

Ordinarily, the fabric will arrive as a continuous length, but there are times when the fabric length will be split. We will always check your fabric for any obvious signs of problems or damage but if you encounter any problems, please contact us with your concerns.

Polyurethane Laminate Fabric Options

All wholesale quantities of solid colours may be selected in a 1.2mm or 2mm thickness. Current patterns we already stock in our shop will be at the thickness on the product listing.

Custom prints under 50 metres will be printed on 1.2mm polyurethane laminate. 50 metre orders per pattern are able to choose between 2mm or 1.2mm PUL thicknesses.

All will be supplied with a fabric width of approximately 150cm.

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