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Not Currently Open For Visits

We are an online business based in Wirral, UK. We regret that we are currently not available for visitors.

Birkenhead - Wirral - Merseyside - Fabric Shop

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18 thoughts on “Are You Local?

  • Caroline

    I live in greasby. And I am wanting to make reusable sandwich bags and food wraps. I wonder if you could give me some advise.
    Many thanks

  • Ruth Andrews

    Hi, I’m looking for PUL to make up into sanitary pads and have just come across your website. If it is possible to visit, I would love to hear from you.

    Best wishes,


  • Jon-Luke Kirton

    Hi there,

    You’re on of the only places in UK to buy pul and we are looking to make reusable nappies. Its a great and fun collection BN of patterns. Will be ordering soon. However I wanted to check whether you did any zorb fabrics which are increasingly popular as insert fabrics for nappies? This also quite hard to find in UK at the moment.

  • Maria Rees

    Hi, Have I read it right you are now open on a Thursday not Sunday.Can you tell me the time?



    • Sewing Bee Fabrics Post author

      It’s still 9.30-11am just on a Thursday. We keep our current opening time in the website logo header so it’s always quick and easy to check. I’ve sent you an email too. Linda 🙂

  • James Cheevers

    Visited the shop today to buy some Neoprene for a gaming mat. Linda & Chris were lovely and very helpful. Am currently pointing fellow gamers their way.

  • Judy schulte

    Oh wow, thanks for sending me your tutorials on PUL fabrics. My children are trying to move away from plastic. I’m loving learning about products and methods to help save e the environment. Love from lake of the Ozarks Missouri, USA.

  • Linda

    What a fantastic website. Found it purely by chance when trying to find out what PUL fabric is, so glad I did!

  • Anita Heerwagen

    Came down today to Woodside but could not find you. Just realised you close at 11.30! I will try again next Sunday. I presume you are not open in the week at all – is that correct?

    • Sewing Bee Fabrics Post author

      Hi Anita,
      Sorry to hear you had a wasted journey. At the moment we are just open Sunday’s 9.30-11am. It would be lovely to see you there this weekend if you are still planning on popping down.

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