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Make Your Own Easy Baby Mittens

How to make your own baby mittens

Baby mittens are really easy to make from left over fabric. Cuddle fleece is perfect for keeping little hands snug, but soft cotton or a scrap of old t-shirt would work well for making scratch mitts with the same pattern.

The easiest way to decide on the best size is to draw around the baby's hand as a 'U' shape with one edge of the fold of some paper. Add a little room for movement and a seam allowance. Keep in mind though that newborns rarely spread their fingers wide whereas a 1 year old will do it all the time, so newborn baby mitts can be fitted more snuggly.

If you are making as a present, a rough guide would be approx.  10cm x 8cm for a newborn and approx 15cm x 10cm for a 1 year old.

Then add about 3-4cm extra to the end to fold over to make a pathway for the elastic as well as enough cuff to go over the edge of the end of a sleeve.

Unfolded, your pattern should look like this:

How to make easy baby mittens sewing bee fabrics make a pattern

Fold the top over to make a channel for the elastic on the inside of the glove. Sew in place close to the edge.

How to make easy baby mittens sewing bee fabrics making elastic pocket

Attach a safety pin to the end of a bit of elastic and pass it through the gap you left. Don't worry about pulling the elastic tight or cutting the length just yet.

How to make easy baby mittens sewing bee fabrics threading elastic

Fold the mitten in half so it is inside out. Sew all around the edge, leaving just where the elastic comes out.

How to make easy baby mittens sewing bee fabrics sewing up edges

Fleece doesn't tend to fray, however I wanted to make the glove more durable to being pulled and chewed, so I did a zigzag stich over the edge all the way around too

How to make easy baby mittens sewing bee fabrics overlock edges

Lastly, pull the elastic to gently bunch up the cuff of the mitten then sew into place. Don't go too tight as you don't want anything digging in to delicate skin.

How to make easy baby mittens sewing bee fabrics sealing in elastic

Turn it right way out and make the other half of your matching pair. Easy hey?!

How to make easy cuddle fleece baby scratch mittens sewing bee fabrics

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Happy Sewing!

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3 thoughts on “Easy Baby Mittens

  • Sharon

    Very cute and super simple. So glad I found your post. Have a new great, great grand baby coming soon for my mom. Hadn’t heard if “cuddle fleece” before will check out when I head to the fabric store.
    Thanks again

  • Lyn

    Really a smart way to make mittens. Just something that may help when sewing rule of thumb measurement for rib or elastic is 2/3 of the width. (if measures 6″ cut elastic 4″) Thank you for your help, expecting 3 lots of great grand children so looks like this pattern will be used well.

    • Sewing Bee Fabrics Post author

      Thanks Lyn. That’s a great way of deciding how much elastic to use. I’ll definitely give that a try. Congratulations on all those great grandchildren on the way. It’s going to be a very exciting time for you… and your sewing machine!!! I’d love to see how your mittens come out.